Rooms are available at the Macdonald Aviemore Resort. The next Railway Station is only a 2-minute walk away from the hotel.

Please note, in case you wish to extend you stay in the resort, an extra night in the hotel costs GBP 120,00

Family rooms and childcare provision

We specifically chose a venue that had on-site childcare as well as activities for your family as we know it can be a challenge to be away from little ones or arrange childcare for the number of days a GYA event lasts.

If someone needs a family room it can be booked within the Macdonald Aviemore Resort where the AGM takes place. The family hotel in the complex is called Aviemore. Rooms are £215 per night. That’s where rooms with cots or bunk beds are. All other conference participants are in the nearby Morlich Hotel which does not offer family accommodation. Families need to book their room by themselves and register attendance only.

Please peruse this FAQ for information on what to do if you would like to bring your family to Aviemore.

Q. I’d like to bring my family. Will their costs be covered?

No.  Unfortunately, our event budget will NOT cover any of your family expenses.  So whilst you are welcome to bring your family if this is an important part of enabling you to attend the GYA event, you will need to cover their costs yourself.

Q. I want to bring my family so how do I go about booking a room?

The resort has 4 hotels: the Aviemore, the Morlich, the Strathspey and the Highland.  For the conference, we have rooms reserved in the Morlich, as it is next to the conference centre.

  • If you would like to bring your family we strongly recommend you book a room in the Aviemore hotel as this one is much more suitable for families: the rooms can accommodate a family of up to 5 people, and come with a cot, extra beds for the kids or even bunk beds (see image, below).
  • That hotel will be among the options in the dropdown menu – make sure you click on the correct hotel name.
  • We recommend you make your room booking using the Macdonald Aviemore Resort website to make sure you book the right room for you and your family’s needs. If you do not make your own reservation, then you will not have one of these rooms available when you arrive.


Q. I will need childcare at the event. How do I book childcare?

Please consult the Macdonald Aviemore Resort website to check the childcare available for the different age groups of children they cater for, the times childcare is available and the cost.

In brief, they run three sessions each day, each lasting 3 hours:

  • 9:30am-12.30pm
  • 1:30pm-4.30pm
  • 6:00pm-9.00pm

A full nursery provision and wrap around care are also available upon request.

For children over 2 years old:  £10 per session.

Contact the resort for details and pricing on the nursery and wrap around care

* Please note, some of the room bookings come with 3 hours of childcare per child, per day included in the price. 

Q Is there much for my family to do when I am at the GYA event?

Yes!  The resort itself has a lot for them to do, and you are also in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland with a lot of things to do!

Have a look at the website for more information.