Travel information

This page offers an overview of all travel related information required to get to and from the conference.

Travel to and from Aviemore

Aviemore is connected to the rest of the world by the railway line from Inverness to Perth (and further on to Glasgow or Edinburgh), as well as the parallel A9 main road. Getting there from Edinburgh or Glasgow will take about 3 hrs. The railway station is pretty much in front of our hotel.

While the closest airport is Inverness (INV), it serves a quite limited number of destinations (incl. LHR, AMS, DUB) with rather sporadic services. A more popular choice should be Edinburgh (EDI) or Glasgow (GLA), which are well-connected to major or secondary hubs in Europe, Middle East, Far East, and North America (incl. LHR/LGW/LCY, AMS, FRA, MUC, HEL, MAD, IST, DXB, AUH, DOH, ICN, PHL, EWR, JFK, ORD, KEF, CPH, ARN, DUB, SNN). Some major international airlines serve Edinburgh only (TK, QR, AY, AF, IB, SK), others serve Glasgow only (EK, KE, TS), and some serve both (BA, LH, KL, AF, EI, AA, UA, DL).

We strongly recommend arriving on an international flight into GLA/EDI, because immigration to the UK can be expected to be a much smoother process (shorter waiting times and less questions asked). If you travel through London or any other UK airport, your bags will be checked through and clear customs at your final destination, but you will enter the UK before boarding a connecting domestic flight. If you are from outside the EU/EEA, we recommend not to leave less than 3 hrs connection time at LHR if connecting at the same terminal, and to add a further hour to that if a change of terminal is required.

Trains ( from “Edinburgh Gateway” (right next to EDI airport, just one tram-stop away) or “Glasgow Queen Street“ (a 30 min bus ride from GLA airport) to Aviemore depart every 1–2 hrs and take between 2.5 and 3 hrs. See the detailed train schedule here. Some are direct services, while others require a change at Perth. The LOC is looking into possibly arranging collective transport, which might be indicated for late arrivals and probably for the departure on Friday, 19 May. While advance purchase tickets are substantially cheaper, these can prove problematic with delayed flights. An alternative to trains are less frequent bus services.

Last public transport to Aviemore on 15 May:

Glasgow Airport (500 bus)
dep 20:30, to Buchanan Bus station, arriving 20:55
dep 21:00 (M9 coach) to Broxden P&R, arriving 22:00
dep 22:05 (M90 coach) to Aviemore, arriving 23:40

Edinburgh Airport (747 bus)
dep 20:20, to Halbeath P&R, arriving 21:03
dep 21:22 (M90 coach) to Aviemore, arriving 23:40
[after 20:20 until about 20:45: taxi to Halbeath P&R takes 25–30 mins, £30]


Step by step instructions on how to get to the conference venue from Glasgow or Endinburgh Airports can be found in this guide, kindly provided by Karen Lorimer.

Given the long time it takes to travel from Aviemore to EDI/GLA, and given that neither of these airports is a major international hub, it might become necessary for you to stay overnight from Fri to Sat near EDI/GLA or another airport along your route before continuing your journey.

If you are keen on visiting London, an alternative to a flight or daytime train journey is the “Caledonian Sleeper” ( overnight train, which can get you from London to Aviemore on Tuesday morning just in time for the meeting. If you do not want to miss out the scenery, you should get up at 5 am (sunrise), though.

If you intend to travel via an airport in the Republic of Ireland (e.g. DUB or SNN), please get in touch with us, because this might require special procedures with regard to UK immigration (related to oddities with the “Common Travel Area” between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland).